It’s sad to awake one day and realize that nearly all of the people one has loved the most are no longer alive or are declining rapidly.  Mother is gone.  Grandma Irma is gone.  Great grandma Emma (loved her and look like her, but hardly knew her) is gone.  Mother-in-law Muffin is gone.  Classmate and long-time friend Maria succumbed to the ravages of metastasized cancer as did friend and tennis captain Betty.  Dear friend Ellen recently had a stroke.  Good friend and writing mentor Tom, after multiple strokes, has moved into assisted living.  Husband Will who is a cancer survivor endures the handicapping injuries from excessive radiation and chemotherapy.  The pain increases as his strength ebbs away.   Best-loved cousin and travel companion Lynda has a slowly growing cancer that ticks away like a time bomb which she doesn’t know when will explode.  Yes, I’m discovering what it means to be a member of the generation that is the next to depart. And I don’t like it.  Too much to do yet.  I’m not ready to leave my children behind.  No ready to get on that train.  That train to nowhere!

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