81 Stonehenge (2)

         I’ve reached that stage in my life when I no longer look forward to the future.  Nor do I give much thought to it.  This is in stark contrast to when I was younger and always setting goals, making plans, and worrying about how things would work out.  Now the future is something to dread more than to anticipate.  So I just try to leave it alone and live in the present.  When the hint of a thought about “what will I do if…?” crosses my consciousness, I quickly dismiss it.  For I have made the decision that worrying about what might happen is a total waste of time.  When my personal faculties (physical, mental, and social) break down, I will deal with it then.  Meanwhile, I choose to live in the eternal now, appreciating fully each glorious moment, day, relationship, and the mental and physical strength that I still possess.

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