Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Author discusses domestic violence at Waverly luncheon

by Samuel Langfritz

Rebecca Leo visited the Waverly Senior Center to discuss domestic violence and sexual assault in her book “The Flaws That Bind.”


Speaking out and breaking the silence in cases of domestic violence and sexual assault is never easy, but it’s an enormous step in fighting the problem.

Cedar Valley Friends of the Family (CVFF) teamed up with author and Wartburg graduate Rebecca Leo to spread awareness of the growing issue of domestic abuse.

They met with about twenty-five people at the Waverly Senior Center on Friday to inform locals about domestic abuse. CVFF gave information on their shelter, and Rebecca Leo gave a presentation on her book, “The Flaws  That Bind.”

“The Flaws  That Bind” is a novel centered around dealing with domestic abuse. While Leo could have made this a real life story detailing her experiences with abuse, she chose instead to draw upon those events in order to paint a more vivid picture for her story.

This has led her to describe “The Flaws That Bind” as a memoir based novel. It’s inspired by real people and events but Leo wanted to be clear that it is by no means an autobiography.

“I wrote about domestic violence because I’ve experienced it but it’s not an autobiography at all.” Leo said. “I wanted to be able to make this a story that would be interesting to read.”

Writing a novel that victims of domestic violence can relate to can be a huge assistance to them whether they’re going through it currently or have dealt with it in the past.

Abuse is a touchy subject, as you never know who has, or may be struggling with domestic abuse. It’s rare for people to be comfortable enough to open up about their battle with domestic violence.

“It used do be and still is something that people don’t talk about because they can be ashamed that they’re victims,” Leo said. “But it’s one of these things that just needs to come out of the closet so people can talk about it. “

While memories of abuse can be painful, Leo knows the importance of making victims of domestic violence feel that they are not alone in what they’re going through.

“So many people walk around with these secrets and it’s a relief for them to be able to talk to somebody about it,” Leo said.


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