The Bee Preacher

A period drama based on the life of a poor, uneducated Jamaican beekeeper who emigrates to the U.S. at the beginning of the 20th century. Overcoming one adversity after another, he works his way through school while employed at an aviary and becomes a successful pastor. Then he realizes that if he preaches over the newly invented radio (something no one has ever done) he can bring God's love to many more people. When other ministers compete for air time, he decides to raise money and start his own station, KTAB (the knowledge, truth and beauty station). This dramatic account of an inspiring life is set against the backdrop of the vibrant and lush countryside of colonial Jamaica and tumultuous periods in the U.S. during World War I, the Prohibition Era and the Great Depression.

Yankee Swap

This farcical screenplay, designed for winter holiday entertainment, features an extended family gathering wherein guests bring wrapped gifts to exchange in the New England tradition of re-choosing opened presents. When some people are unwilling to give up their gifts according to the established rules, arguments start and hurt feelings soon escalate out of control. One guest whispers to the hostess, “We gotta do something quick or this family will never recover. It could be the end!”

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